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Former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi is currently in the final stages of planning her marriage


(Showbiz) Her future husband is said to be a former model who now works a job outside of the entertainment industry.

Multiple news sources cited entertainment officials, and even relatives who said they will be “getting married soon”, and are ready to submit their marriage certification.

The couple are trying to keep a low profile, his name hasn’t even beeen released to the public yet. Furthermore, the two are said to be a little worried about the stigma Yaguchi brought upon herself after the highly publicized destruction of her last marriage. Back in 2011 she married actor Masaya Nakamura.

Yaguchi eventually returned to the entertainment scene as a talent and variety show regular. Yaguchi originally got her start after successfully auditioning for Morning Musume in 1998, becoming a 2nd generation member. She also belonged to the two very successful sub-groups Mini Moni and Tanpopo. In 2005 she decided to resign from Morning Musume due to her relationship with actor Shun Oguri.

It’s reported that Yaguchi and her boyfriend have been dating for 4 years now, originally meeting during her hiatus from show business. The couple will submit their marriage certification sometime this month.


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