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Girl group Keyakizaka46 make the full MV for their latest single ‘Glass Wo Ware’


(Music) Originally released on March 7th, the single has already been a huge success shooting the top of virutally every single chart in Japan. According to Oricon, after only 5 days the single has already sold a massive 814,390 copies.

Going for a “cool” image again, during the MV the girls do an impressive dance routine inside what appears to be an abandoned airplane hanger, which has been turned into a hideout for the group.

Meanwhile, applications have been sent out for the groups “2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”. The fanclub only event will take place from April 6th-8th at the Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza. On April 6th, 2016 they made their debut with the single Silent Majority.

Additionally, Hiragana Keyakizaka46 is currently preparing for the release of their very first album. Hiragana Keyakizaka46 is a group within Keyakizaka46, their songs have previously appeared as b-sides on past Keyakizaka46 singles. The currently untitled album will be released sometime in 2018.



Such high quality <3 the music video ahhh and hirate <333 i have watched this so many times already, but never gets old <333 in fact, grows on you more and more !!! i love all of keyaki so much but hirate is #1 also zuumin and yuuka etc i love u all zakuuru, suzumon, oda, habu neru koike EVERYONE

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