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Pop singer Miki Imai announces to release a new studio record titled “Sky” this year in June


(Music) Following several years of silence, respected pop singer Miki Imai has announced that she will be releasing a new studio record titled “Sky” this year on June 6th.

Her 20th full-length album, “Sky” will feature ten songs written by industry veterans such as her husband, Tomoyasu Hotei, Seiji Kameda, Junji Ishiwatari, and Yoshinori Ohashi (Ohashi Trio).

The overall work will be produced by Kameda, marking the first time that he and Imai have worked together in such a capacity.

You’ll find this trailer, as well as the complete track list for “Sky” right after the cut.



‘Sky’ track list:

Onaji Sora (Lyrics: Junji Ishiwatari / Composition: Koichi Tsutaya)

Anata wa Anata no Mama de Ii (Lyrics & Composition: Tomoyasu Hotei)

Ameagari Hikaru Hana no You ni (Lyrics & Composition: Minako Kawae)

Misty (Lyrics: Asako Toki / Composition: Daisuke Kawaguchi)

Free to Fly (Lyrics & Composition: BONNIE PINK)

Little Tiny Song (Lyrics & Composition: Minako Kawae)

Greatest Moments (Lyrics: Yuho Iwasato / Composition: Seiji Kameda)

Watashi e (Lyrics & Composition: Tomoyasu Hotei)

Beyond the World (Lyrics: Miki Imai / Composition: Jamie Cullum and more)

Blue Rain (Lyrics: micca / Composition: Yoshinori Ohashi)


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